best acoustic guitar for small hands

10 Best Acoustic Guitar For small hands in 2021

Not sure which best acoustic guitar for small hands is the one that best suits your needs? Don’t worry, because in this article we will show you what factors you should take into account when choosing the best acoustic guitar for small hands for you.

The cheap acoustic guitar for small hands is one of the most universal instruments that exist, that produces sound through strings that vibrate over a hollow chamber in the body of the acoustic guitar. The vibrations are transmitted through the air and do not require small hands amplification, although many acoustic guitars also function as modern acoustic guitars for small hands transcending cultures and musical styles since its inception. Many of the most famous songs in country, rock, pop, and many other styles were composed and performed with this instrument.

Most acoustic guitarists start out with an inexpensive model that can approximate sounds from many different genres. Those looking to enhance their abilities in a particular style of music can benefit from playing acoustic guitars appropriate to their preference. See also our affordable acoustic guitar for small hands with here.Here are our top recommendation for acoustic guitars for small hands and pros. and you can also check our selected list of the best acoustic guitar for kids.

Best acoustic guitar for small hands

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1.Squier Bullet

This is one of the most recommended cheap electric acoustic guitar options if you are starting out.This electric acoustic guitar is a true Fender. It has a good, clear sound, great fret feel, and is quite easy to play.

For its price it is of extraordinary quality. In addition, the neck is perfectly aligned and has a good height adjustment.

If you can reproach him for something, it is that the strings are not tuned and there are no accessories

  • Sound
  • The dishes
  • The mast
  • It does not come in tune
  • Does not include accessories

2.3rd Avenue Pack

If you are looking for a acoustic guitar for your son or nephew, the 3rd Avenue is the best electric acoustic guitar you can find.

A high-quality and very complete option, designed for children between 5 and 10 years old, which maintains an exquisite value for money at a very affordable price.

This electric acoustic guitar has a Single Coil pickup, making the sound clean and of good quality. In addition, its neck and fingerboard are of very good quality, made of natural maple wood. Finally, its beautiful finish draws everyone’s attention: glossy black. Nice and elegant.

It should also be noted that this electric acoustic guitar includes everything a beginner might need: a wired amplifier, a strap, several picks and a very practical case.

  • The finish
  • Its value for money
  • Pills

 3.Donner DTC

This time we show you this electric acoustic guitar from the Donner brand, popular and known for its famous ukuleles, but this time it surprises us with an electric acoustic guitar of excellent quality, at an affordable price and with impeccable characteristics.

Ideal for both beginners who want a semi-professional product and for more advanced amateurs.

The donner DTC surprises us with two classic SS single-coil pickups of excellent quality, but also for the wood used in its elaboration. Its knobby wood fingerboard, along with its ergonomic shape, will allow you to play comfortably, reducing fatigue.

The Canadian maple neck will offer you quality, strength and elegance. Finally, the baked poplar wood of its body will give this electric acoustic guitar a clean and impeccable sound.

Last but not least, we have to mention its design. Nice and elegant. It draws attention at first glance. It must also be said that it includes a very high quality cover, something rare in such inexpensive products.

As the only negative point, the finish of the pickups could be improved a bit, and their weight can be a bit high, but we cannot complain.

  • Quality pickups
  • Its value for money
  • His weight
  • The finish of the pickups

4.Epiphone les pauls special VE

If you are looking for a good cheap electric acoustic guitar and are a beginner, this acoustic guitar has everything you need to get started.

Although its components are basic, this acoustic guitar has a good finish, well-set frets and is also easy to tune. Within its price it has an unsurpassed quality . It uses dual coil humbucking pickups and is very manageable.

We must highlight the enviable aesthetics of this acoustic guitar, with a beautiful design.As for the sound, it is advisable to change the strings. This will give your acoustic guitar a better sound by earning many points for its sound.As for its drawbacks, this electric acoustic guitar does not come with a case.

  • Esthetic
  • Value for money
  • Does not include cover

5.Ibanez TBB

In the top 2 we show you the wonderful Ibanez TBB , one of the best electric acoustic guitars that you can find in the market in terms of value for money, ideal for those more advanced people in the world of rock, who want a beautiful instrument and professional.

Let’s start by talking about the quality of the materials of this acoustic guitar, which are very good, with an exquisite body made of maple wood and the fingerboard, made of rosewood.

The pickups or pickups are the Infinity R, which are quite good.Another of the things that stands out the most is its neck, wide and with a perfect curvature so that it is comfortable for you to play, thus accelerating your learning. In addition, it is worth noting its beautiful design, which will attract attention from the first moment.

As the only negative point, this electric acoustic guitar does not include any extra accessories, so we recommend that you buy a separate case to prevent your acoustic guitar from getting dirty, scratched or broken.

  • Your pickups
  • Good clean sound
  • Does not include accessories

6.Navarra NV31

It is made with basswood on the body and rosewood on the fingerboard.

It has a very elegant black finish, although it has some paint imperfections and finishes that, on the other hand, are totally forgivable considering how cheap it is.

It comes with a cover included and it is true that the packaging in which it is shipped does not carry much protection. It does not have a great volume projection, but after all, its sound is acceptable considering its price

  • Very economical price
  • Comes with case
  • Low volume projection

7. Ibanez V50NJP-NT

This acoustic guitar comes in a kit format, making it an ideal option for those looking for an inexpensive acoustic guitar accompanied by a complete set of accessories .

And is that the Ibanez V50NJP-NT comes with a protective case, tuner, picks and shoulder strap.It features spruce wood on the front, and mahogany on the back and sides, while its fingerboard is rosewood.

It has a narrow neck as well as low action, two characteristics that make it a fairly comfortable acoustic guitar to play.We find a clean sound in it, although it is true that something more body and volume projection are missing. Also indicate that your headstock is of a good quality, which helps to maintain the tuning quite well.

Regarding its design and finish, it may present some imperfections. Thus, the frets for example protrude a little from the neck, which is noticeable when sliding the fingers to change the chord.

  • Complete set of accessories
  • Comfortable to play
  • Greater sound projection is missing

8. Yamaha F370

The Yamaha F370 is a great option for those looking for a acoustic guitar with good sound and tuning.

It is one of the most complete of this ranking, since it has a pretty good sound where powerful and defined bass stand out, and it maintains the tuning very well.

It also has an aesthetics and finishes that are also very remarkable.It is made of spruce wood on the top and nato wood on the bottom. The fingerboard is rosewood. It is a dreadnought type acoustic guitar.

  • Good sound, bass stand out
  • Maintains tuning
  • Higher price than the rest of the models in the ranking

9. EKO acoustic guitars NXT Parlor Nat

Those looking for a small and handy acoustic guitar to take with them everywhere , the EKO acoustic guitars NXT Parlor Nat is the perfect candidate.

It is a Parlor type acoustic guitar, which are the smallest type of acoustic guitars that we can find on the market.

It is made with agathis wood on the top and sides, mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard.It is noteworthy that it has a really beautiful design and is very comfortable to touch and carry due to its small size.

As for the sound, it is true that precisely due to having a smaller resonance box, the volume it projects is lower compared to other acoustic guitars, which is especially appreciated in the lower sounds.

  • Comfortable to transport and manageable
  • The basses sound less intense

10.  Epiphone- DR-100

The Epiphone DR-100 is a true Amazon best seller and a great option for those who want to buy an acoustic guitar that puts comfort and design first

It is made of boxed spruce wood and rosewood fingerboard. We can also find it in two possible colors: natural wood color and Ebony color (black).

Its fingerboard is rather narrow, which makes it a comfortable acoustic guitar to play. It also has a soft touch. This is a somewhat abstract term but one that is used a lot in the world of acoustic guitars. It means that when we tighten the strings with the left hand, we feel that we can do it comfortably, without exerting excessive force to make them sound.

In the aesthetic section, it is a quite beautiful acoustic guitar with careful finishes, taking into account its price.And from the sound part, we can say that it is acceptable. Although the standard strings are not the best we can find, if we change them for higher quality ones, the sound improves significantly.

Some users report that it goes out of tune easily, although this is an issue that occurs especially in the first uses and that usually resolves over time.

  • Good finishes
  • Comfortable
  • Poor quality strings

Buying Guide

Comfort when playing

The comfort of the instrument is in my opinion one of the fundamental factors to consider when buying an acoustic guitar. And this is especially important for beginners .

Comfort makes us enjoy the process more, which increases our motivation and in turn causes us to continue practicing and improving. The comfort of the acoustic guitar depends on several factors. We see them below.


The action is the distance that we find between the neck and the strings. The higher it is, it means that this distance is greater. This causes us to have to press the strings with our fingers with more force, which goes against comfort and also hinders the learning process.

Therefore, it is always going to be preferable to buy an acoustic guitar with a low action . In cases where we find a high action, we can take it to the luthier to adjust it. The luthier is the professional who makes and fixes plucked instruments such as acoustic guitars.

Neck hardness

It is closely linked to the above, since a low action will give us the feeling of a “softer” neck. In the slang of musicians, this term is used very often and it is true that it is somewhat ambiguous.

So that we understand it well, we can say that a acoustic guitar, or rather its neck, is soft when it gives us the feeling that we can step on the strings to sound the chords without exerting excessive force . Also when we move along the neck with ease to switch from one chord to another.


Larger acoustic guitars can be more difficult to play, especially for those who are just starting out. Later, we will talk about the different types of acoustic guitar body that we can find.


Of course, sound is also a fundamental factor. After all, music is about making sounds that generate emotions in people.Actually, the mechanism of a acoustic guitar is very simple. we have strings that are taut and when they vibrate they emit sound waves. These sound waves are amplified in the resonance box, and in this way the sound is projected outwards.

With this explanation, it seems then logical to think that both the strings and the soundboard and its woods are the ones that determine the sound of an acoustic guitar .


It is remarkable how changing the strings can substantially improve the sound of the acoustic guitar . There are many different brands and qualities. There are also them of different thicknesses.

The thinner ones are easier to play but have a sound with less presence and less projection. The thickest ones do get that presence and projection but in return we will need to have trained fingers, since it is required to exert greater force when stepping on them.

Soundboard and woods

The resonance box is in charge of collecting the sound caused by the vibration of the strings and expanding it to project it abroad. Its construction quality and the woods used are a key factor .The most commonly used types of wood are spruce, cedar, mahogany, maple and rosewood.

In addition, wood can be found in two types, laminated or solid. The sound of solid wood is richer in nuances and projects a higher volume and is usually used in high-end acoustic guitars. The cheapest acoustic guitars are usually made with laminated wood, as this allows them to be produced at a much lower cost and thus also be able to sell them at affordable prices.


That a acoustic guitar is easily tuned and that this tuning is also maintained over time , is also a factor to take into account. The tuning has a lot to do with the headstock, because if it is of quality and well built, it will better maintain the tension of the strings that make the acoustic guitar sound in tune

However, within limits, all acoustic guitars go out of tune with use and it is normal to have to tune them with some regularity. Tuners are small devices that make it easier for us to tune by telling us when each note is in its pitch.

In recent times these devices have been losing popularity due to the fact that today there are many mobile applications that provide us with this functionality

Body types

We have different types of body for acoustic guitars, in terms of shape and dimensions:

  • Dreadnought: They are a type of acoustic guitar with a larger body, which allows them to have an optimal sound projection. It is one of the most common types of acoustic guitar. It can be played with a pick or with fingers.
  • Jumbo: it is the largest type of acoustic guitar that we can find. This causes its sound projection to be unsurpassed, and thus we can find a sound with more body, where the bass vibrates strongly. They are ideal for country, where it is played with the fingers.
  • Parlor: It is the smallest size that we can find in acoustic guitars. Their smaller size makes them more comfortable and manageable, but they have a lower volume projection. They are ideal for blues and folk.
  • 0/00/000: This is the classification made by the legendary brand of acoustic guitars Martin, although in practice it has also become a standard. 0 is the smallest size, 00 is the largest, and 000 is the largest.
  • The Tylor brand divides them between Grand Concert, Grand Auditorium, Grand Simphony and Grand Orchestra (the latter being the largest)

In the end, the main idea is that the larger models project the sound better and it has more body. So they are ideal for styles where they are played with the fingers. The smaller ones are more comfortable but they do not project the sound as much, although if you are going to strum chords or you are going to amplify it, this would not be a major problem.


Case: Although it seems like a no-brainer, the case is a must-have accessory for acoustic guitar. It allows us to move with it and protects it from blows, dust, humidity, etc. In high-end models, hardcover cases are common. In cheaper acoustic guitars this is not usual, but we would appreciate at least a fabric case that is well padded.

Tuner: years ago, for many it was an essential accessory, but today with the mobile we have dozens of apps that allow us to tune our acoustic guitar at the moment.


Having all this information at your disposal, buying the affordable acoustic guitar for small hands will be a lot easier.Obviously, there is a acoustic guitar for each of us, but the key is figuring out which one works best for us.Our guide section, however, offers suggestions and basic features that you can rely on when choosing a cheap acoustic guitar for small hands.

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